Laus Deo Studios Hand carved sculptures
   > in marble, alabaster and other rare stones.
Click here to see more of "Caro Cuore" (Cherished Heart in Italian).
"Caro Cuore” — Raspberry Alabaster (2016)

"Making Waves"

Click here for a 1 minute video showing all the sides of Making Waves

"Making Waves” — Italian Translucent White Alabaster (2022)
For your home or office

One-of-a-kind Art

Click here for the making of Healed Pray-er
or here for a 360 video of Shelter.

"Healed Pray-er” — Lake Champlain Black Marble (2014)
"Shelter" - Black Soapstone (2005)
Translucent Salmon Alabaster

Glowing Accent Pieces

They captivate the eye by day,
and bring a warm glow to the heart by night.
Click here to see more of Heart on Fire.

"Heart on Fire” — (2016)
"Waves at Play" — (2018)
"Snow Tracks”
— (2018)
Marble & Alabaster

Expressions of Faith

They share your heart,
in a meaningful way.

"Heart of Hearts” — Statuary Marble (2017)
"Transluxent" - Translucent Orange Alabaster (2006)

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Welcome! Hi! I'm Joe Chiarella and I'm glad you've visited!

One of my passions is releasing images that have been bound up in marble for, well, millions of years. They really want out! They just beg me to release them. ;-)

My hope is to appeal to your eye, interest your mind, move your heart and feed your soul.

If you like what you see here - and would like one for yourself - I have other pieces I can show you. Or, I'm happy to listen to your desires - and release something new - just for you. All art is personal.

Whether your interest is figurative, primitive, abstract or stylized sculptures, I have been carving off and on for about 15 years and have a wide range of aesthetic tastes. So, I'm not stuck on a particular 'signature' style. Tell me what you like and I'll do my best. :-)

Please consider reaching out to me via this form to arrange a showing or discuss a commission.